My name is Jon Andoni Juarez – a Berlin-based nature photographer who seeks to surround himself by nature’s beauty and to share it with others in all its splendor.

I discovered my passion for photography during my final year of university, searching for an “easy subject” to give me my last credits towards becoming a biologist. Despite the challenges that I face everyday as I strive to constantly improve my photography, it has become central to my daily life. It has proven to be both inspiring and uplifting in a way I didn’t think possible.

After graduating in 2011, I decided not to work in labs but instead move to Berlin to start a PhD in Bio-Robotics and Bee Behaviour at the Free University of Berlin. It was the first step in transforming my passion into my profession, and the city has since given me plenty of opportunities.

After years of hard work, and plenty of headaches learning German, I have been a full member of the GDT (Society of German Nature Photographers) since 2015, one of the world’s largest nature photography associations. I am a volunteer at their annual festival European Nature Photographer of the Year.

I have mainly worked in Scandinavia and Germany, as the light in northern countries fascinates me, but Asia has also won me over with its multiple challenges.

Over the years I have displayed my work, some of which can be seen on this website, at several exhibitions in Potsdam and Berlin. I tirelessly work on new projects to share my view of the world and keep growing as a photographer.

For instance, I organise photography workshops with renowned entities in Berlin like the Botanic Garden, which has allowed me to take my “Foxes Series”, the Ökowerk Grünewald Eco Centre or the Internationale Gartenausstellung (International Horticultural Exhibition) .

Every year, I help organise and take part in Spain’s MontPhoto Festival. Its main focus is on nature conservation photography projects and brings together some of the world’s most renowned photographers in this field.

Co-founder at RefurArt.